Enterprise Transformation Services

Kanerika enables the technology that enables your business to succeed. We build, integrate and optimize technological solutions that deliver a superior experience.

Technology enablement

Kanerika enables the technology that enables your business to succeed. We build, integrate and optimize technological solutions that deliver a superior experience.

What we offer

Assessment of current technology to understand its fit, features, functions, and failings.
Creating a technology optimization strategy.
Project implementation.

IT Transformation

Kanerika helps you create an IT transformation plan to foster business innovation, execution and agility through change in digital systems and processes.

What we offer

Upgrading key IT infrastructure to make it efficient in terms of operational expense and management overheads.
Automating IT processes for risk reduction and to accelerate the deployment of applications.
Transforming IT processes to align IT staff and roles as tightly as possible to business and customer needs.

Our IT Transformation services include:

IT solution delivery excellence.
IT service delivery excellence.
IT workforce transformation.
IT governance and management.

Client-side advisory

Kanerika can help your business plan, design and execute technology-enabled business transformation, ensuring quality and reducing risks.

What we offer

Planning, executing and monitoring technology-enabled change programs to deliver in a timely, cost-effective, and result oriented fashion.
Risk management services for the program.
Enhancing return on investment of technology-enabled change programs.
Advicing throughout the program life cycle — from conception and planning through implementation and even after going live.

Kanerika offers client-side support to organisations to transform/transition their business through (but not limited to) the following projects:

ERP and System Implementations.
Supply chain optimisation.
Outsourcing, Insourcing, Offshoring.
Global standardisation of processes.
Post-acquisition integration.

BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Model

If you are unsure of your expansion plans and want to test waters before diving in, with Kanerika’s BOT model you have in us a trusted local partner to setup your India ODC efficiently, for a specific time period. Kanerika helps you finance, build, and operate your project, providing you with a quality package of talent, processes and technology.

How the BOT model works

Kanerika becomes an extension for your business operations while the financial and operational ownership of the project remains entirely with you.

Phase I – Build
Based on your specification, Kanerika sets up an offshore development center for you, complete with infrastructure, skilled human resources and all the other facilities you require.

Phase II – Operate
Kanerika manages all your operations for a specific, pre-decided period of time. We set up and run efficient systems and processes so as to ensure results that meet your business objectives.

Phase III- Transfer
Kanerika operates your team for min 18 months. Finally if you choose to execute a transfer, we ensure a smooth transition. Assets, operations and manpower are handed over to you and you have the option to retain or replace them.

What we offer

State-of-art operation facilities and workspace.
Operations management.
Management of systems, processes, and technological solutions.
Human resource services- recruitment, management and attrition on employees.
Innovative, cost-effective solutions for your expansion plans.