Govern Your Data Assets
Precisely with MS Purview
Govern Your Data Assets Precisely with MS Purview

Microsoft Purview Solutions

Data Discovery & Classification

Identify, categorize, and tag data across diverse sources and systems to enhance visibility and control, streamline compliance, and effectively enforce security policies.

Governance & Policy Implementation

Develop and enforce data governance frameworks and policies to regulate data access, quality, retention, and legal compliance, tailored to meet organizational objectives and industry standards.

Compliance Management & Support

Comprehensive support for regulatory compliance, including creating audit trails, generating compliance reports, and maintaining practices up to date with legal standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

Risk Management & Mitigation

Evaluate data risks through assessments and implement robust security measures, including access controls and monitoring, to prevent data breaches and ensure prompt incident response.

Data Lineage Tracking

Track data origin, movement, and transformation to secure sensitive information and manage access rights, ensuring data integrity and protection throughout its lifecycle.

Custom Integration Services

Ensure Microsoft Purview seamlessly operates with your existing IT systems, enhancing operational efficiency and data governance capabilities across the organization.

Why Choose Us?

Data Governance Expertise

Kanerika is distinguished by deep specialization and proven credibility in Data Governance Implementation. Be it Microsoft Purview or Informatica EDC/Axon or Informatica CDG, Kanerika has implemented many Data Governance successfully. As a recognized Partner, we ensure you benefit from the most advanced features and strategic insights drawn from experience

Tailored Integration Capabilities

We excel in integrating Governance Solutions seamlessly with your existing systems, enhancing data flow and system coherence without creating silos

Strategic Data Compliance Frameworks

We build dynamic, industry-specific compliance frameworks that are robust and adaptable to your regulatory environment

Long-Term Partnership and Continuous Improvement

We prioritize long-term partnerships, offering continuous system reviews and updates to ensure your data governance strategies evolve with your business needs


What types of data sources can Microsoft Purview connect to?

Microsoft Purview offers a wide range of connectors that allow it to scan and classify data from various sources, including on-premises databases, cloud storage platforms (like Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3), SaaS applications (like Salesforce and ServiceNow), and data warehouses (like Snowflake and Redshift).

How does Microsoft Purview ensure data security during the scanning process?

Purview utilizes role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict access to sensitive data during the scanning process. Only authorized users with the appropriate permissions can view or manage classified data. Additionally, Purview leverages secure communication protocols to ensure data privacy during scans.

Does Microsoft Purview offer any data quality checks?

While Purview primarily focuses on data discovery and classification, it can integrate with other Azure services like Azure Data Catalog, which allows users to define data quality rules and identify potential data inconsistencies.

Can I use Microsoft Purview to manage data governance workflows?

Purview itself doesn’t directly manage data governance workflows, but it integrates with Azure Purview Data Governance (currently in public preview), which provides functionalities for data lineage visualization, approval workflows for data movement, and data usage insights.

What are the benefits of using Kanerika for Data governance services?

Beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Purview or Informatica Cloud Data Governance, partnering with Kanerika provides you with a team of experienced data governance specialists. We offer expertise in tailoring Governance Products to your specific needs, implementing best practices, and ensuring a successful data governance framework.