Kanerika Drives Business Transformation

Tap into the power of business intelligence

Get perspective into your markets, customers, logistics, operations and sales using advanced data analytics by deep diving into your humongous data. With Kanerika, get accelerated business insights to drive faster decision making abilities and growth.

Kanerika Helps You Build and Scale Your Business

Business Analysis

We help you identify your business needs and propose solutions to business problems in terms of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. Meeting your business objectives is our main focus.

Conceptualising Products

Kanerika suggests options to conceptualize and build your idea by studying the customer need, market environment, competition, business strategy of the enterprise and the eco-system consisting of partners and stakeholders.

UI/UX Design

We strongly believe that a good user experience combined with an appealing and useful user interface contributes to the success of any product. This philosophy is ingrained in our deliverables by our experienced UI/UX team.

Product Development

Developing awesome software products is our forte. Software Product Engineering calls for lots of experience and expertise with innovative ideas to build an industry leading solutions. We bring just that value to you.

Product reengineering

Obsolete technology or cost savings, whatever your reason for re-engineering, Kanerika has successfully re-engineered around 15+ legacy softwares to new and emerging technology within impressive deadlines and quality.

building prototypes

Its always a good idea to test waters for any product before you launch in any market. We will help you quickly build a prototype for product validation, feature selection and market-fit evaluation with our expertise.

What makes Us Different


We strictly believe that working as a single unit v/s the client vendor model, leads to success in meeting the business objectives. We work with you as a team.


We work with the understanding that business/engineering needs constantly evolve. Flexibility is a given with you partner with Kanerika.


We listen to your ideas and suggest the best solution using next generation technologies. Every solution is built with keeping the business objectives in mind.