AUSTIN, TexasMarch 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aiming for a strategic competitive edge, NorthGate, a premier Supply Chain Services and Packaging Solutions provider in the Upper Midwestern United States, partnered with Kanerika to implement a robust data management and analytics framework.

With a fragmented data infrastructure, dispersed across multiple systems, including MS Dynamics ERP, SQL Server, Office 365, etc., NorthGate faced hurdles in achieving cohesive reporting and analytics, severely impacting its strategic decision-making.

Kanerika tackled the fragmented data dilemma by meticulously streamlining disparate data sources into a single, unified platform. By deploying dynamic, real-time Power BI dashboards, they empowered NorthGate to make instantaneous operational adjustments and informed strategic actions. Furthermore, the custom Power BI reports allowed for a deeper dive into the operational mechanics.

For NorthGate, this collaboration has produced remarkable results– a 25% boost in worker productivity, a 14% improvement in cost control, and a 15% decrease in order delays.

Nicole Wellman, Operations & IT Executive at NorthGate, stated, “Our experience with the Kanerika team exceeded our expectations at every turn. Their responsiveness and attention to detail were unparalleled, ensuring a seamless workflow significantly improving our operational capabilities.”

Bhupendra Chopra, CRO, Kanerika, reflected on the project’s success, “Our work with NorthGate exemplifies how we leverage top tools like Microsoft Power BI to drive amazing business outcomes. This collaboration showcases our expertise as industry leaders and a standout Microsoft partner singularly focused on delivering excellence. By pioneering new applications of cutting-edge logistics technology, we’re raising the bar for achieving quantifiable success.”

About NorthGate

NorthGate is an American, family-run Supply Chain Services and Packaging Solutions company headquartered in the Upper Midwest. Strategically placed in the industrial center of North America, NorthGate blends innovation and historical traditions to be a reliable long-term logistics partner for companies.

About Kanerika Inc.

Kanerika, a global consulting firm, boosts enterprise efficiency with automated, integrated solutions. With a proven track record across various industries, Kanerika maintains rigorous quality standards backed by ISO 27001, 27701 certification, SOC II, and GDPR compliance. As a distinguished partner of Microsoft, AWS, and Informatica, Kanerika’s commitment to innovation positions it at the forefront of empowering businesses for growth.

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Bob Williams
SVP Business Development

Bhupendra Chopra, CRO