On-demand Webinar:

Optimizing Supply Chain:

with AI & Analytics

Are you tired of traditional forecasting methods that often leave businesses exposed to unexpected demand changes? Unlock AI-powered forecasting for a future-proof supply chain. Learn how to optimize inventory, minimize disruptions, and gain a competitive edge in our webinar.

Our session will explore how data analytics combined with cutting-edge AI can create accurate, future-proof forecasts. You’ll discover practical techniques for optimizing inventory levels, minimizing disruptions, and gaining a competitive edge.

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Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • Forecast Like a Pro: Leverage AI for pinpoint accuracy and predict future demand trends.
  • Optimized Inventory:Master data-driven strategies to eliminate stockouts and optimize efficiency.
  • Unbreakable Supply Chain: Build resilience and conquer disruptions with expert tools.


Varun Gupta profile pic

Varun Gupta

Associate Professor

Varun Gupta, an associate professor of logistics and analytics at the Mike Cottrell College of Business, University of North Georgia, is a recognized leader in supply chain management. With over a decade of experience in industry consulting and academia, his expertise has made him a sought-after voice in news and print media. Holding a Ph.D. in Operations Management, an M.S. in Supply Chain Management, and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, he’s well-versed in his field. Originally from India, his academic journey began with a B.Tech. in Materials Engineering from the prestigious IIT Kanpur.