“Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise, you’re going to be a dinosaur within 3 years.” – Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur and Investor.

As we stride into 2023, Mark Cuban’s words reverberate with a profound urgency. We live in an era where 35% of companies have already embraced the power of AI, and an additional 42% are actively considering its potential to transform their operations. The tide is turning inexorably towards AI adoption, with an impressive 91.5% of market-leading enterprises making consistent investments in this cutting-edge technology. 

Gartner, the global research and advisory firm, anticipates a significant increase of 25% in customer satisfaction by the end of this very year for businesses employing AI. This sentiment is echoed by Info-Tech Research Group, with their data showing nearly half of the private sector poised to invest in AI systems within 2023.

If you’re a founder or senior executive, the question of whether AI is the game-changing key to your company’s success can be daunting. To help you navigate these uncertainties, we will explore the transformative possibilities that top AI consulting firms, like Kanerika, can unleash for your business.


Why Is AI the Buzzword of the Business World?

AI Adoption is on the rise!

AI’s widespread deployment in numerous business domains has become a compelling trend. According to Forbes Advisor’s survey, customer service tops the chart, with 56% of businesses using AI in this area, closely followed by cybersecurity and fraud management at 51%. Moreover, AI’s influence has permeated customer relationship management, digital personal assistants, inventory management, and content creation, witnessed by adoption rates exceeding 35%.

One pressing question arises here: How exactly do top AI Consulting Firms contribute to various industries and departments?

Taking the case of one of our clients, a renowned logistics company, traditional logistic systems couldn’t manage the factors causing delivery delays, such as traffic congestion and severe weather conditions, affecting their reputation and client satisfaction. The solution? An AI-powered delivery time prediction system implemented by the Kanerika team. This system, with an accuracy rate above 87.98%, has improved delivery timelines, cost efficiency, and customer retention.


The Challenges of AI Adoption Without Consulting Firms

Adopting AI without expert guidance from an AI Consulting Firm can expose organizations to complexities and risks, with data management, compliance requirements, and technology understanding as the primary hurdles. Kanerika addresses this concern with our ISO 27701 certification, which focuses on Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS). ISO 27701 complements widely used standards like ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for information security management. By aligning with GDPR compliance, the framework provides detailed operational requirements and control objectives.

Kanerika’s ISO 27701 certification, along with our SOC II and GDPR compliance, ensures the implementation of robust privacy controls and personal data protection. This certification allows organizations to effectively manage compliance with new regulatory requirements and demonstrate their commitment to data protection.

Partnering with top AI consulting firms like Kanerika allows organizations access to cutting-edge AI-integrated solutions. Our team’s expertise helps navigate the complexities of AI implementation, mitigating risks and maximizing the benefits of AI technology.


The Role and Methodology of AI Consulting Firms like Kanerika

When it comes to achieving optimum digital efficiency, our team at Kanerika understands the challenges organizations face. We take a hands-on approach, working closely with our clients to drive transformative outcomes in their core functions and processes. Let’s dive into our unique methodology and discover how we make the AI consulting experience interactive and impactful.


Identifying High-Impact Use Cases

At Kanerika, we begin by analyzing your operations meticulously. Understanding your unique needs, we identify high-impact use cases where AI implementation can bring significant value. Our team leverages AI-enabled automation, analytics, and integration to unlock transformative possibilities aligned with your business objectives. Through interactive workshops and in-depth discussions, we ensure that our AI solutions address your pain points and drive tangible results.


Human-Centric Approach to Solutions

We firmly believe that people, processes, and technology are the backbone of digital efficiency. That’s why our AI Consulting solutions are designed with a human-centric approach. We collaborate closely with your workforce to understand their needs and capabilities. By seamlessly integrating AI into your existing processes, we empower your employees and enhance their productivity. Our interactive approach fosters a collaborative environment where humans and AI systems work hand in hand, creating a harmonious balance that maximizes efficiency.


Navigating the Complexities of Implementing AI Solutions 

With a unique methodology tailored to each client’s needs, Kanerika ensures impactful outcomes in core functions and processes. Let’s explore a real-life example to understand how Kanerika’s AI consulting approach translates into tangible results.

Our client, a leading IT solutions provider in the USA, specializing in efficiency apps and HRM products, introduced an Efficiency App to help freelancers and small business owners streamline their work. Amid the crowded productivity app market and increased expectations for visually engaging interfaces, broadening their user base was a significant challenge, compounded by restricted marketing resources.

Kanerika stepped in to tackle these challenges, creating an AI-powered marketing strategy using TensorFlow. TensorFlowHub is a leading-edge data model, and an AI engine. This approach hinged on several critical steps leveraging AI capabilities.

Firstly, TensorFlow-enabled sentiment analysis empowered Kanerika to delve deep into market sentiments. We analyzed data from online forums, social media, and more, gaining insights into the target audience’s pain points, interests, and preferences.

Content creation, a vital aspect of brand promotion and thought leadership, was our next focus. With TensorFlowHub, we crafted high-quality, targeted content spanning blog posts, social media updates, and email campaigns, all tuned to resonate with the target audience.

The final part of our AI strategy was data-driven ad campaign optimization. We identified optimal targeting options, ad formats, and messaging, enhancing ad performance while reducing cost per click.

The impact of Kanerika’s AI-driven marketing strategy on the client’s business was striking. User adoption of the Efficiency App surged, leading to enhanced conversion rates and revenue generation.

This real-life example showcases how Kanerika’s AI consulting methodology, combined with cutting-edge technologies, can drive significant business impact. By tailoring solutions to specific client needs and leveraging AI’s capabilities, Kanerika empowers organizations to achieve their marketing objectives efficiently and effectively.


What Makes Kanerika The Best Amongst AI Consulting Firms

Choose Kanerika as your trusted AI Consulting Partner

When embarking on your AI journey, selecting the top AI consulting firms is crucial to ensure success. It’s essential to find a partner that aligns with your business needs and goals. At Kanerika, we have a proven track record of delivering impactful AI solutions. 

Our commitment to customer privacy and data security is evident through our ISO 27701, SOC2, and GDPR compliance achievements. Kanerika’s AI-featuring solutions are in collaboration with some of the industry’s most recognized technological wonders. Our distinguished partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Informatica, motivate us to leverage the latest technologies and platforms, ensuring our customers receive the most effective and advanced solutions.

For example, our collaboration with Incorta enables us to solve complex decision-making problems using Decision Intelligence systems and X-Analytics. 

Similarly, as a Gold Partner with Microsoft, we have consistently met and exceeded their standards and requirements. With expertise in Microsoft Power BI and Azure Solutions, we implement powerful business intelligence solutions for our customers. Additionally, our partnerships with UiPath, Snowflake, and Automation Anywhere allow us to provide AI-driven automation and data analytics solutions, enhancing enterprise productivity and efficiency.

When choosing AI consulting firms, consider Kanerika’s proven expertise, commitment to innovation, and strong partnerships. Our team is ready to guide you through your AI journey. We’ll ensure you achieve your business objectives and drive meaningful transformation.


Take Your Next Step Towards AI Revolution

In the business world, as we navigate through the AI-dominated year of 2023, every second counts. The revolutionary capabilities of AI are increasingly transforming the business landscape. Hence, positioning AI consulting firms as invaluable allies in this digital race. With numerous success stories under its belt, Kanerika is one such AI consulting firm that stands out. The transformative potential of our solutions is captured in the success of our clients. However, words on a page can only convey so much.

We invite you to grasp the power of AI by experiencing it first-hand. As the saying goes, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” So let’s get started on creating yours.

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What are the potential benefits of implementing AI-powered systems, like the delivery time prediction system

Implementing AI-powered systems can lead to benefits such as improved accuracy, cost efficiency, streamlined operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and better decision-making based on real-time data insights.

How do AI Consulting Firms navigate the complexities of implementing AI solutions?

AI Consulting Firms have unique methodologies tailored to each client's needs. They leverage AI capabilities to address challenges in core functions and processes. This involves data analysis, content creation, and data-driven optimizations to achieve tangible results.

How can businesses measure the success of AI implementation with the help of consulting firms?

Success in AI implementation can be measured through key performance indicators (KPIs) related to improved efficiency, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and other relevant metrics. AI Consulting Firms assist in setting and tracking these KPIs.

Why is experiencing AI firsthand important for businesses?

xperiencing AI firsthand allows businesses to understand its potential and benefits in a practical way. It enables them to envision and create a future where AI plays a crucial role in their success.

What is Tensor Flow, and how did it contribute to the AI strategy?

Tensor Flow is a leading-edge data model and AI engine. In this case, Tensor Flow enabled sentiment analysis, content generation, and optimization of ad campaigns, playing a crucial role in the AI strategy's success.

What are the benefits of seamlessly integrating AI into existing processes?

Seamless integration of AI into existing processes empowers employees, enhances productivity, and ensures a smooth transition to AI-driven workflows.

What is meant by a "human-centric approach" to AI solutions, and why is it important?

A human-centric approach means that Kanerika designs AI solutions while considering the needs and capabilities of the workforce. It is crucial because it ensures that AI complements human efforts, enhancing productivity and creating a balanced work environment.

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