Unique Power BI Dashboards
Enable Stronger MS365 Information
Security Management

Unique Power BI Dashboards
Enable Stronger MS365 Information
Security Management
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Every CIO worries endlessly about data security, but managers are forced to prioritize time and resource allocation with limited budgets . Microsoft attempted to help customers with this challenge by providing specialized management tools to assess customer risks. But for this client, the base solution was not sufficient. This Enterprise IT department needed a more robust management system for evaluating MS 365 security options.

In one example, customers using Office 365 can assess their security risk with the Microsoft Secure Score (MSS). Resident in the Microsoft 365 security center, the MSS scorecard gives customers increased visibility and control of the security for Microsoft 365 identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure. For many customers, this free service is enough. But this enterprise Client needed to go beyond the MSS scorecard to understand the context of the security risks they were taking versus other firms in the industry and the risk-reward tradeoffs of possible security enhancements.

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Kanerika enhanced the existing MSS scorecard functionality by adding the ability to view and analyze underlying data by device, application, and identity. Newly created dashboards gave the Client the ability to analyze the security status across more than seven key indicators of importance. This dashboard also provides comparative analysis using a market benchmark.

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Stronger Information Security

Management now has insights about every device, application, set of identifies, and data, enabling them to focus resources where security improvements are most needed.

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Improved Investment Decisions

IT leadership has what it needs to make better decisions about when and where to invest in increased security through deeper analysis and visualization tools showing the Client’s security status with an embedded comparison to similar companies.

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