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Leading insurance and protection company manages its claims and policies communications from more than 500 partners/brokers etc via excel files over email. The company needs to maintain the staff to process these files manually to standardize them before data can be uploaded in Insurance systems to process leading to multiple iterations, delays, late payments, delayed claims, etc.

Key Challenges

  • Manual processing of every bordereau that comes via email.
  • No acknowledgement unless processed successfully, manually.
  • Multiple iterations to process bordereau as partner systems generates in different formats.
  • Multiple Data formats across all partners (excel, flat files, data files, csv etc)
  • Reactive process i.e. issues are responded only on requests from partners, sometimes with error descriptions leading to overall processing delays.
  • No insights into the work of large time , efficiency, bottlenecks, and not scalable.

Featured services

End-to-end project visibility

DevOps Scorecard that was generated provided visibility across the entire software lifecycle.

Speed and agility in projects

DevOps method ensures that speed and agility in successful deployment of projects and fosters accountability of projects thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Faster data consolidation and integration

The process of consolidation which earlier used to take a weeks’ time can now be executed within hours.

Improved performance

Significant improvement in workforce productivity and business performance on account of automation of data consolidation and analytics.

Scalable solution

Reduced cost, complexity, and security risks with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.


Kanerika successfully implemented a solution automate the bordereau process , right from receiving in email, auto acknowledgement through generating insights for the entire traffic.

  • The software performs all the required transformations and the validations before sending the data over to downstream systems.
  • Data enrichment and data transformation is integral part of the solution.
  • The system generates the required data formats (csv, excel, datafiles etc)
  • Realtime Insights are generated using Microsoft PowerBI.
  • Proactive notifications generated if the expected bordereau doesn’t arrive via email, potentially savings months of delays.

Technology Used

  • Code repository: Beanstalk 
  •  Backend: Java
  •  Frontend: Angular
  •  Cloud Environment: Azure Cloud
  • Insights – Power BI


  • Client could repurpose the team with more useful tasks
  • The solution has not only made the work more accurate but also proactive reaching out to partners to avoid any delays
  • Improved speed and increased efficiency 
  • Saved lot of manual efforts of data transformations and validations
  • Saved manual efforts to generate different formats depending on the downsteam systems every time a new bordereau arrives
  • Scalable. Solution helped onboarding new partner very easy as the client could streamline the entire process.

Why Kanerika?

Kanerika is a niche consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated and analytics solutions. Kanerika enables efficient enterprises through its unique digital consulting frameworks and AIOps enabled compostable solution architecture. We partner with some of the top vendors to solve some of the critical data and process related challenges. We help some of the top brands across the globe in increasing their speed to respond in evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision making.

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