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Client Overview

The client is an edible oil manufacturer and dealer who uses SAP system for all of the major transactions of the company. It has plants across the country with suppliers and distributors. Data related to oil production, distribution, sales was recorded both in the SAP system of the client and non-SAP systems used by the suppliers and distributors, mostly carrying the secondary sales data. It was extremely challenging for the client to combine the data across the systems and provide real time reports on sales, deliveries, payments and distribution, thus making it difficult for the client to make business decisions.

Key Challenges
  • Errors in data consolidation from disparate data sources and systems was leading to inaccurate reports.
  • Lack of a consolidated view of sales for the Executive Management leading to inability to take right and timely decisions.
  • Disconnect with partners and suppliers because of delays and inaccuracies in payments and deliveries leading to strained business relationship.
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Faster decision making

As reporting is immediate, business gets a real-time bird’s eye view of deliveries and payments which helps them take faster decisions.

Higher distributor satisfaction

Payments to distributors are made on-time which leads to higher partner satisfaction.

Timely payments and deliveries

Deliveries are monitored real-time and any changes in schedules can be pre-empted and remedies are taken before any major issues or flareups.

Improved business performance

Integration of Finance and HR data into the dashboard resulted in monitoring of KPIs such as sales per employee, purchase value per employee helping the client to understand the profitability of projects.

Scalable solution

Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.

  • Kanerika, with a deeper understanding of the business scenario and requirements, recommended a data management solution that provided consolidated data across the company.
  • Kanerika implemented Microsoft Power BI solution that offered a visual dashboard and analytics providing meaningful insights.
  • Microsoft Power BI comes with built-in industry-leading data security capabilities including sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring.


Result Check

Identifying Sensitive Information

Security team can easily identify any data security breach through the new data architecture. And this allowed them to take action momentarily.

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Detail Profiling

The executive gets detailed information on their products and delivery processes. It also shows what kind of data is present in the systems.

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Security team can easily identify where the sensitive data is flowing and take corrective measure on them.

Why Kanerika?

Kanerika is a niche consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated and analytics solutions. Kanerika enables efficient enterprises through its unique digital consulting frameworks and AIOps enabled compostable solution architecture. We partner with some of the top vendors to solve some of the critical data and process related challenges. We help some of the top brands across the globe in increasing their speed to respond in evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision making.

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