Kanerika uses AI-based algorithms to design, evaluate, automate, and transform entire organizational processes which helps in improving decision-making and productivity for enterprises.

Kanerika takes advantage of agile delivery methodologies that results in predictable project delivery, cost reductions, and enhanced efficiency. Principal technologies include complete set of data management and analytics services, data fabric design, MLOps, AI-enabled process automation, which combined with Kanerika’s proprietary assets and frameworks expedite speed-to-market.

Hyper Automation
Technologies such as AI, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) are now the focal point of enterprise processes to drive digital efficiency. Kanerika integrates a data management ecosystem combining data extraction, processing and consumption ensuring project success in a business environment that is volatile and complex.


Kanerika drives rapid automation of all business processes and analyzes processes with intelligent BOTS and advanced process mining and analytics.

Agile Delivery
Kanerika enables collaborative design thinking and iterative delivery of solutions, leading to greater transparency, predictable costs and schedules, and quality improvement. The agile delivery methodology enables rapid design and development offering requirements flexibility, faster prototyping, design and reviews, rapid integration leading to reduced cycle times.


The continuous testing ensures faster identification of bugs or issues stimulating the DevOps process. Continuous delivery with automatic and continuous deployment of changes is built on a foundation of uninterrupted integration, thus enabling cost reductions, process flexibility, and system efficiency.

KOMPASS is a collection of technology stack that provides a robust and resilient setup to produce optimal results. The preconfigured architecture can easily be implemented using modern tools and applications. KOMPASS is an open-ended, composable architecture with a predefined set of BOTS and process libraries that helps companies to achieve higher economies of scale.
Are you ready to improve your enterprise efficiency?
Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.
Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.