TSI Advisor

Client profile

Our client provides transportation spend management solutions for various industries worldwide. These solutions include freight invoice audit, RFP contract optimization, business analytics and reporting.

The Problem

Data analysis for RFP contract optimization and budgeting is currently a manual process that involves extracting shipment invoice data from a legacy database and using spreadsheets for modelling on that data. This process requires multiple iterations and is time consuming, often taking upto weeks. Also, as data volume increases, this manual spreadsheet-based process becomes time consuming and error prone. This results in significant delays in decision making as well as a compromise in the quality of decisions made.


The key goal of this project was to dramatically speed-up the data analysis process by moving to a web-based analytics solution backed by a high performing data store.

The aim also included enabling users to create shipment profiles based on their data, wherein they would be able to adjust the parameters that feed into the shipment profile and perform what-if analyses to see how different parameters influence transportation costs.
Another important goal was to provide a superlative user experience with intuitive navigation and a focus on self-service.

The new solution, TSI Advisor, is part of the Transportation Spend Intelligence (TSI) suite. The solution uses a tech stack that is best suited for rapid data analytics and reporting.

Elasticsearch was chosen as the datastore, as its distributed architecture with fast search and aggregation capabilities was the perfect fit for this case.

Angular JS was the front-end technology. Backend services and jobs were built with Java and Spring Boot.


6+ Parameters

Predictive analytics for rate, carrier and service mixes.

Competitive Advantage

Innovative differentiator for sales.

Contract Optimisation

Annual Transportation contract optimisation leading to cost savings.

Key Technologies

Client Testimonial


First of its kind, TSI Advisor has helped us position ourselves as a leader in our space. Kudos to the team! We love it.