Scalable AWS

Client profile

Our client is a premier research university focused on the core areas of Information Technology and Building Science which has evolved into global research programmes related to energy efficiency, cool roof etc.

The Problem

  • Create a new product to simulate building parameters to save energy to design green buildings (EDOT)
  • Use prescribed tool that support single simulation for single parameter for one hour
  • Product to support minimum 6 parameters and support more than 1M simulations to generate 3 best proposals to save cost & energy in a reasonable time


The key goal of this project was to give 3 best design strategies for architects in less than one hour via million+ simulations using the EnergyPlus™ tool which currently took weeks of research.

The idea was also to allow the user to drill down on preferred strategies and simulate further to optimize the cost.

  • Created  product to satisfy the requirements with the key aspect that 1M simulations are analyzed in exactly 1 Hour
  • On demand creates & scales the AWS instances requires for simulations , collate the results back into central / parent node
  • Proposed the best combinations via the visual dashboard for user to drill down
  • Allows users to shortlist and further simulate the chosen combinations


Zero wait time

Architects do not have to wait endlessly to explore all possible combinations to arrive desired results

$$$ cost savings

AWS instances scales on demand and collapses after performing its job , keeps the cost only for computational purposes.


Predictive cost and time model to solve very critical problem in building science

Key Technologies

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Client Testimonial

Excellent. Scales on demand across 100s of nodes. True enabler for research being undertaken at our institute. Great Job !