Audit Exception Management

Client profile

Transport scape engages carriers for movement of contract based shipments requested by clients.

The Problem

The audit process for shipment invoices is currently manual, and hence very time consuming, error prone and ineffective, especially when the volume of invoices is high.

This affects key stakeholders in multiple ways-

Client could be charged more in case of errors.
Turnaround time for closure of transactions increases for both the carrier and the client.
Work load on auditors increases based on invoices received.


The goal of Audit Exception Management (AEM) is to automate the whole work flow between client and carrier.
AEM aims to provide to stakeholders (client, carrier, auditor) for smooth closure of audits.

AEM enables stakeholders to work on audits based on invoices generated by system.AEM enables stakeholders to work on audits based on invoices created manually.

AEM supports movement of invoices between different queues (auditor, client and carrier).

AEM supports bulk inserts and updates.

AEM reads the system audit and manual audit, and based on role and authorization maintains multiple queues.

AEM supports each queue with events and exchanges messages.


70% Rules

Based automated exceptions raised.


Productivity improvement.


Simple, faster, customisable and user friendly.

Key Technologies

Client Testimonial


OVERALL……AEM ROCKS! AEM is much simpler, very user friendly since you can customize the data you just need in your audit per client and carrier requirements, faster exporting and importing of data, can easily audit same charge at one time since you can do multiple filtering and can do some tweaks anytime you want. I like AEM better than the old system I was introduced to earlier in the year. While I am not a regular user of either systems yet, I can tell AEM will be more user friendly.