Advanced Data Integration Hub using Informatica B2B Data Exchange for Trax, a leading spend management software company

Advanced Data Integration
Hub using Informatica
B2B Data Exchange
for Trax, a leading
spend management
software company
Faster analytics performance
Dramatically faster response times
Affordable Implementation
Modern and
Client Overview

Retailers working with multiple carriers deal with logistics invoices coming in multiple file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, EDI or even paper invoices that need to be first received, audited, and processed for payment – small or big. The existing system which the client was using previously did not allow the trading partners to interact over multiple communication protocols. Moreover, the system was not able to handle large file sizes and operationally there were a lot of manual steps involved before the data was loaded into the database.

Key Challenges

The software technology company manages multiple projects for its customers and each project has a certain contract value, budget allocated, and expected cost based on certain events. There are different projects and systems that are run which are: JENKINS (for deployment), SONAR (for code quality), JIRA (for project management), and GITHUB (for source control). For a software company working on delivering multiple projects for various clients, it is absolutely necessary to manage the projects efficiently and cost effectively. The multitude of projects posed the following challenges to the client:

Trax needed an automated system that integrates multiple data formats like EDI, date types, file size that can handle XML, industry formats and unstructured data. The system needs to provide a secure data exchange and should work across multiple protocols.

  • The four systems (JENKINS, SONAR, JIRA, GITHUB) ran multiple projects with extensive data which did not communicate with each other. Hence, mapping every project was a difficult task to accomplish, especially with multiple projects running simultaneously.
  • The project ids were not the same in all the software systems that was making it extremely difficult to know how many tasks and tickets are raised, opened, closed or are in progress. The client needed to know how many tickets have been raised for coding exceptions in SONAR – they needed complete visibility of all the projects.
  • Data coming from these systems was disparate and there were no connectors for consolidation and to visualize it further. They needed to create an integration layer to bridge the data.
  • They would require analytics on the development process in order to achieve complete visibility of all the projects running.

Kanerika setup the B2B Data Exchange for the client using Informatica B2B that allows sending the data regardless of file type and supported multiple communication protocols. Kanerika implemented all required message types for EDI and other flat files that were translated, extracted, and then loaded to the database.

The client can now receive invoices in all forms such as PDF, Excel, Word, paper and EDI invoices. The carriers can also send invoices via Emails, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), or AS2 protocols. This allows the customer to connect with a wide variety of shipping partners irrespective of protocol they use.

Informatica B2B Data Exchange was chosen for the following features and benefits it offers for the IT organization, such as:

  • Any-to-any data transformation: Provides a single, centralized, consistent, and reusable data transformation service that enables true any-to-any data transformation. Fully supports all data files, formats, irrespective of the data location.
  • Complete data visibility: Provides end-to-end visibility into data as it is integrated, plus deep insight into data’s content as it changes with each step of the process.
  • Robust, scalable integration: Informatica B2B Data Exchange lets you leverage Informatica PowerCenter to integrate customer and partner data from virtually any business system, in any format, with your company’s data and business processes. It scales to support the integration of large data transactions as well as high-volume.
  • Secure management and tracking: Informatica B2B Data Exchange comes with integrated MFT capabilities that enable organizations to securely manage and track all file exchange activities with their trading partners and internal movements of files.
  • Reduced implementation times: Out of the box features and ability to handle all data formats ensures faster onboarding of partners.
  • Ensure compliance with data standards: Ensures compliance with industry data standards with continuously updated pre-packaged data format standards and Accelerators for EDI and other standards.
Identifying Sensitive Information

Security team can easily identify any data security breach through the new data architecture. And this allowed them to take action momentarily.

Detail Profiling

The executive gets detailed information on their products and delivery processes. It also shows what kind of data is present in the systems.


Security team can easily identify where the sensitive data is flowing and take corrective measure on them.

Why Kanerika?

Kanerika is a niche consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated and analytics solutions. Kanerika enables efficient enterprises through its unique digital consulting frameworks and AIOps enabled compostable solution architecture. We partner with some of the top vendors to solve some of the critical data and process related challenges. We help some of the top brands across the globe in increasing their speed to respond in evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision making.

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