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About Client: 

The client is a leader in enabling smart connectivity and mobility services. Their telemetry analysis platform for connected vehicles generates insightful data based on cognitive analysis to aid in the development of secure, intelligent and environmentally responsible mobility solutions. Connected vehicles platform offers a “Plug-Configure-Play” solution to enhance safety, effectively manage fleets and create new revenue streams.
The Platform is used across several industries, including automotive OEMs, EV manufacturers, auto insurance, auto service providers, government, and various innovative connected vehicle businesses.


The client’s default device message structure involves converting binary data received from datalogger into a proprietary message format. However, its customers require messages translated to their own message structure. This requires the customer specific data transformation logic before delivering the device messages to downstream processes.

Featured services

Test Device Generation

Created test devices and device data using AI for each machine to ensure data flows across the platform’s features.

Automate Data Synthesis

The automation first approach of Kanerika helped the platform to understand the data volume, characteristics, variations, etc, and subsequent analytical capabilities offered.

Improved performance

Significant improvement in workforce productivity and business performance on account of automation of data consolidation and analytics.


Kanerika’s team developed customer specific message translation using its software product called FLIP.

FLIP supports the data transformation of any messages or feeds from JSON/EXCEL/KAFKA etc to any of the target formats and allows advanced transformation functions to be defined per data mapping. DataOps automations tool FLIP empowered client’s analytics platform to transform messages according to their customer requirements.

Business Benefits:

  • Low Code Platform- No code changes are required, and it works for all customers.
  • Improved Performance- Compared with traditional transformation using JSON or Map, this transformation improved performance.
  • Reduced Delays- It reduced the transformation time with bulk data.
  • Cost Reduction- Due to developer budgets, it used to cost the client around $80 dollars per custom implementation change. FLIP implementation drastically reduced the cost for the client.

Why Kanerika?

Kanerika is a lead global IT consulting company offering innovative solutions & services for businesses. Kanerika focuses on Data Integration, Analytics , Process automation and Cloud Management as core focus areas apart from Custom Product Development. ISO 27701 certified and SOC II compliant Kanerika processes ensure the quality, predictability and partnerships. Kanerika’s technology and process expert teams have been helping its global clients with development and automation using agile methodologies.

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Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.

Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.