Trax Technologies Unlocks Business
Growth with New Data and
Analytics Architecture

Trax Technologies
Unlocks Business
Growth with New
Data and Analytics
Faster analytics performance
Dramatically faster response times
Affordable Implementation
Modern and

Trax Technologies, that gives businesses a new way to gain
visibility and control over rising transportation costs, needed
stronger data and analytics architecture to support its current and
future business growth.


Trax Technologies is an SaaS transportation spend management company. This fast-growing company faced a challenge many companies dream about – growth so massive it overwhelmed legacy systems. Increasing transaction rates driven by the company’s success in combining industry-leading cloud-based applications with expert services outpaced the scalability of its existing data and reporting platform.

Trax needed a system that could analyze and deliver answers from millions of rows of data in seconds while simultaneously ingesting massive new data into the system. The new system had to integrate with its legacy transaction database. They also needed a more modern user experience with intuitive navigation and an easy-to-use interface to enable customer self-service.

Featured services
Data Preparation

Create radical productivity by curating information for people who know the data best, while ensuring security and compliance. and prepare any data, wherever it’s found.

Business Intelligence

Harness the power of your data by leveraging technology to drive strategies to extract actionable intelligence and get an edge over your competitors.

Data System Architecture

Make your business strategy truly agile by getting a flawless data system architecture that adapts to the rapid changes in the data medium and technologies.

New Application Development

Bring your ideas to life – From Conceptualization, design, development, marketing- we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Data Integration

Connect your heterogeneous data systems to get a unified view using the best integration tools giving performance and cost-effective advantage.

Data Analytics-Operational

Streamline operational efficiency by combining data analysis and business intelligence on real-time data and daily logs.

User Interface Design

Create a superlative user experience for your users using the best user experience strategy and craft interfaces that are a joy to use.

User Self-Service

Avoid lengthy data modeling projects and obtain self-service analytics in the cloud or on-premises in minutes and not days or months.


Kanerika’s data architects worked with the Trax team to design and deploy a modern, high-performance analytics system on a technology stack that could support both current and future requirements. They also developed filtering capability that “pre-fetches” high probability data as the user types in the search field, enabling users to “slice and dice” their data quickly.

Like Trax, many SaaS companies need the scale, elasticity, and functionality of cloud-architecture to support the demanding performance requirements of data analytics, machine learning, and IoT. However, many are not ready or able to migrate legacy transaction systems and databases into a cloud-based architecture. Trax needed a solution that took advantage of existing systems and data processes while capturing the power of cloud performance.

To eliminate bottlenecks to future growth, Kanerika built the new analytics datastore on a distributed cloud architecture with natively parallel processing and data aggregation capabilities.

Finally, the team delivered a data management system that transparently pipes new data from the transaction database into the analytics datastore daily, building on three years of historical data for user trend analysis.

Faster Analytics Performance

Trax saw an immediate 150% improvement in analytics performance with reports delivered within seconds.

Customer Self-Service

Customers and users experience dramatically faster response times enabled by the pre-fetch data technology. Trax delivers full customer self-service, including custom queries, with more intuitive dashboards.

Affordable Implementation

Although the project was extensive, Kanerika’s ability to seamlessly integrate data streams from the installed Oracle RDBMS database made the project manageable and affordable for this small, high-growth SaaS company.

Foundation for Growth

Trax now has a modern, scalable data analytics platform to meet the growing needs of their successful business.

Why Kanerika?

Kanerika is a niche consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated and analytics solutions. Kanerika enables efficient enterprises through its unique digital consulting frameworks and AIOps enabled compostable solution architecture. We partner with some of the top vendors to solve some of the critical data and process related challenges. We help some of the top brands across the globe in increasing their speed to respond in evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision making

Trax’s leaders were so pleased with the results, they immediately engaged Kanerika to develop additional enhancements and new applications to expand customer and revenue opportunities.

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Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.
Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.