“Good Health Can’t Wait”:
How Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Leverages
a Unified Data Platform
for Rapid Innovation

“Good Health Can’t Wait”:
How Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Leverages
a Unified Data Platform
for Rapid Innovation
Faster analytics performance
Dramatically faster response times
Affordable Implementation
Modern and

Dr. Reddy’s, a multinational pharmaceuticals company, operates on the principle of making new medications affordable and accessible to the common person. They deliver on their mission – “Good Health Can’t Wait” – by bringing advanced, low-cost medical solutions to market as quickly and safely as possible to address unmet needs of patients and force reductions in cost.

Unfortunately, inaccurate information due to data fragmentation across applications and departments caused slow response times. This challenge inhibited managers from making good decisions and prevented the company from providing affordable medicines quickly to those in need. The company was waiting too long for the data it needed to meet its mission.

Over time, different departments had independently deployed a variety of applications and data structures, leading to data fragmentation, inconsistent definitions of information, repetitive requests, and rework – all leading to extended delays to reach an accurate answer.

Dr. Reddy’s needed a consistent and accurate 360° view of its business. With a history and culture of empowering the employee base, Dr. Reddy’s also wanted to standardize reporting methods, data tools, and the overall user experience to enable both user self-service and the deployment of new machine learning capabilities.

This pharmaceutical leader needed a unified data architecture to deliver fast, accurate information, enable user self-service, and create a foundation for business improvements leveraging machine learning.

Featured services
Data Preparation

Create radical productivity by curating information for people who know the data best, while ensuring security and compliance. and prepare any data, wherever it’s found.

Business Intelligence

Harness the power of your data by leveraging technology to drive strategies to extract actionable intelligence and get an edge over your competitors.

Data System Architecture

Make your business strategy truly agile by getting a flawless data system architecture that adapts to the rapid changes in the data medium and technologies.

New Application Development

Bring your ideas to life – From Conceptualization, design, development, marketing- we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Connect your heterogeneous data systems to get a unified view using the best integration tools giving performance and cost-effective advantage.

Data Analytics-Operational

Streamline operational efficiency by combining data analysis and business intelligence on real-time data and daily logs.

User Interface Design

Create a superlative user experience for your users using the best user experience strategy and craft interfaces that are a joy to use.

User Self-Service

Avoid lengthy data modeling projects and obtain self-service analytics in the cloud or on-premises in minutes and not days or months.


Kanerika’s data architects worked with Dr. Reddy’s to design and deploy a data lake serving 15+ use cases, including SAP-enabled supply chain, sales, inventory, marketing finance, and HR applications. Kanerika architected a new unified data model, cleansed the existing data for accuracy and quality, and enabled processes to ensure continual data quality.

The team then designed and implemented a new, complete Hadoop stack with data pipes to feed the new data lake using Hortonworks, Hive, Sqoop, and Apache. Kanerika’s visualization specialists implemented new dashboards and reports to enable user self-service.
Finally, the new unified data architecture was tuned for performance, to assure its ability to meet the company’s growing data analytics needs

Faster Time to the Right Answer

Users of the new unified data architecture benefit from a 20x reduction in time to an answer.

More Rapid, Informed Decision Making

Employees and managers make informed decisions in real time, empowered by self-service delivery of accurate and current data.

Improved Business Based on Machine Learning

The company leverages machine learning algorithms for further innovation and growth accelerated by the architecture and performance of the new unified system.

Support for Continuous Innovation

With a cohesive, consistent view of the business, management easily identifies and deploys the ongoing improvements needed to speed time to market and lower medical costs.

Why Kanerika?

Dr. Reddy’s knew it could rely on Kanerika’s data architecture expertise to build a high-quality data system into which older, fragmented data pools could be cleansed and transitioned. The team’s knowledge of open-source tools made the new, higher-value system affordable. Kanerika’s visible commitment to deliver on time and within budget earned the Client’s trust now and into the future.

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