SeaLink achieves accurate, faster reporting and 360-degree view of business with Data Management and BI Solution

SeaLink achieves accurate,
faster reporting and 360-degree view of
business with Data
Management and BI
Faster analytics performance
Dramatically faster response times
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Client Overview

SeaLink is Australia’s largest integrated land and marine, tourism and public transport service provider with established international operations in London and Singapore. It is one of Australia’s most experienced and diverse multi-modal transport businesses, boasting performance-driven capabilities across ferry, bus, and light rail. SeaLink moves more than 206 million customers per year, has over 8,900 employees and operates approximately 3,500 buses and 116 ferries.

SeaLink uses acquisition strategy to expand its business and constantly look for opportunities for growth in current market and complimentary market. Business Intelligence has been the main contributor in their impeccable planning to deliver world class customer service and a great holiday experience. Aiming to be the best in the industry, SeaLink management looks for a consolidated view of Travel, Finance and Contact Center Data.

Key Challenges

As the company heavily relied on real-time reporting of data, the new acquisitions posed a challenge of generating and receiving reports accurately on time. The use of disparate systems and presence of massive volumes of data caused consolidation challenges. It was difficult to get single source of truth for the executive management. This led to the risk of generating inaccurate reports in real time; and if accuracy was to be achieved the delay would make the report irrelevant leading to higher operational costs and inaccurate decision-making.

SeaLink had the following requirements to be provided with a new BI solution:

  • Provide a consolidated view of business data in an easy-to-understand dashboard for the Executive team.
  • Offer customized dashboards for employees based on their roles and access levels.
  • Scheduling and sending of reports should be easy, requiring less time.
  • Ability to support statutory and compliance reporting requirements.
  • These reports were needed to optimize business processes at individual level. Irrespective of employee location, he/she should be able to receive or access the real-time accurate report from the system.

SeaLink needed a data management solution to help generate real-time, accurate reports with a consolidated view across the systems.

Featured services
360-degree view of business

Ability to work with an extremely diverse set of both internal and public data sources, including real-time data streams, provided 360° holistic view of business that supports both daily functional management and executive decision making.

Single source of truth

Ability to obtain consolidated reports providing single source of truth across the organization.

Higher compliance 

Better sales planning and conversion rates because of access to relevant, real-time reports, and data analytics. Sales organization is able to deliver effective marketing campaigns and identify opportunities quickly, especially amid Covid crisis.

Higher customer satisfaction

Analytics related to customer behaviour patterns is helping to understand the client better and retain the existing customers.

Speed of information availability

Ability to generate accurate reports within hours (and some within minutes), which would otherwise take a day or two, is enabling the management to plan better.


Kanerika with its team of Incorta experts and Ph.D. data scientists modelled an effective business intelligence system. Kanerika created a secure and an integrated system using Incorta that enabled in generating real-time reports and dashboards. It was designed to be a scalable system keeping in view the ever-expanding requirements of SeaLink.

These systems are in continuous improvement mode to ensure that SeaLink gets most out of their BI solution. Latest addition is integrating Google Analytics with marketing data to enable strategic sales and marketing decisions.

Identifying Sensitive Information

Security team can easily identify any data security breach through the new data architecture. And this allowed them to take action momentarily.

Detail Profiling

The executive gets detailed information on their products and delivery processes. It also shows what kind of data is present in the systems.


Security team can easily identify where the sensitive data is flowing and take corrective measure on them.

Why Kanerika?

Kanerika is a niche consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated and analytics solutions. Kanerika enables efficient enterprises through its unique digital consulting frameworks and AIOps enabled compostable solution architecture. We partner with some of the top vendors to solve some of the critical data and process related challenges. We help some of the top brands across the globe in increasing their speed to respond in evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision making.

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