Being part of a digital era changes a lot for you. It’s not like the old days where you are just connected to your friends, family, and neighbors. Now the internet is a pool of people from all over the world with whom you are connecting and interacting through different media platforms. One of the biggest setbacks of being part of the internet generation is the constant fear of violation of your privacy and the paranoia if my data is even secure.

People intend to keep things private for most of the things, from the phone lock to the bank locker. There are two reasons why people give lots of preference to privacy. With the massive access to all kinds of information just clicks away, people want to ascertain their safety. Just imagine if a wrong person got access to your details. That will be a potential risk for your life. Similarly, as a businessman, the privacy of your organization’s data is equally important. You cannot have data leakages of your employees and clients and risk losing to your competitors. 

What Difference does it make to an organization?

You work on getting information on your strategies, working procedures and what your competitors are doing to get an edge. But the data leakage from your end will result in the downfall of your business. Competitors will take advantage of your data and use that against you, resulting in losing your and organization’s credibility. When you are not securing your sensitive data, it is likely to be seen as serving your business on a gold platter to your competitors.  

There are three components to protecting the privacy of data or information:

Why do you need Data Privacy?

A valid question and there are many reasons why you need to secure your sensitive information through a Data Security service. Many are not aware of the Data Privacy concept and do not consider it an important factor. Let’s see some vital reasons which can highlight the perfect usage of data security. 

Eliminate Data Loses:

Data loss in terms of data leakage is an ultimatum to your organization’s downfall. It can be either your employees or client’s data. Securing the sensitive data of your organization is one of the key factors and you need to prioritize it. 

Enhance Brand Identity:

When you assure your visitors, employees, and clients with data security, it will establish a foundation of trust. The audience will choose you over others, as they are receiving a sense of security. It is the best way to enhance your brand identity in the public. 

Compliance with Ethics:

In the business world, having ethics regarding not sharing the data will give a loyalty bond with your customers and employees. Moreover, this will contribute to building long term trustworthy relationships which will benefit the business. Data Security will give you the data movement visibility for identifying the data leakage loopholes. 

To Meet Privacy Norms:

Even the government wants you to maintain privacy. You need to secure your sensitive information at any cost, it is the law implemented by the government. Data Security will ensure data privacy and save you from getting sued by the government. Personal information on EU citizens is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a set of regulations put in effect by the European Union (EU). To help shape Europe’s digital future, the GDPR prescribes steep fines for those who violate its privacy and data traffic control provisions. GDPR rights violations can result in steep fines.

Technologies to fight the hackers!
  • Identity and access management- All login credentials and permissions on specified systems can be verified using Identity and Access Management (IAM). Privilege access is only granted to authorized individuals or organizations using role-based access constraints. Unauthorized access can be prevented through features like multi-factor authentication, session logging and management, and other security-related functions made possible by the technology.
  • Encryption- Using encryption, only the user who has the correct encryption key can decrypt the material they are trying to protect. That way, you can rest assured that your information will not be leaked to the public. Protecting and guaranteeing data privacy is one of the most secure methods since even if data is taken, unauthorized users can’t read it.
  • Endpoint Protection Platform- To prevent security gaps, such as malware, infiltration, data loss, and other criminal activities, endpoint protection software is implemented on devices. Endpoints, such as servers, networks, desktops, mobile devices, printers, routers, and other connected devices, can be protected by the program. In addition, network ports can be secured. The network perimeter is monitored, and traffic is filtered by EPP to provide maximum security.
Practices to maximize data security

Data security and privacy are all about adopting and applying the best practices. 

  • Policies on the Protection of Personal Information

Policy documents pertaining to data privacy are essential in the quest for regulatory compliance. In accordance with numerous laws, it serves as a guide for the organization’s personnel to follow certain rules and principles. The breadth of an organization’s policy should be clearly defined, as well as the standards that govern data privacy and security. This entails establishing procedures and practices that will ensure a successful outcome.

  • The Data Archive

To maintain data privacy, one method is to create a list of sensitive data and classify it accordingly. It is easier to adopt security and privacy controls around data once an organization is aware of the data in its custody, how it is handled, and how it is stored. For maximum security, policies can be created based on how data is gathered, kept, and handled.

  • Being aware

Privacy and security of data must be a part of all employee’s day-to-day tasks and interactions. As a result, all employees should receive adequate training on industry best practices, current cyber dangers, data privacy standards, rules, and applicable data security concepts. Additionally, personnel must be made aware of the company’s security rules and practices and held accountable for adhering to them

Keep your data safe! Happy reading.

Data privacy is critical, not only from a compliance standpoint, but also to protect the rights of the consumer. In today’s data-driven environment, consumers typically know and appreciate the need of protecting their personal data. As a result, customers have more faith in companies and the way they handle their personal data. An organization’s ability to meet data privacy standards and regulations will be enhanced if they establish a privacy foundation in their business operations and policies.

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Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.
Kanerika enables you to create data-driven insights to improve your business.